Heal Hormones, Lose Weight, Understand Your Body

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Heal Hormones, Lose Weight, Understand Your Body

Happy Spring!

 Well at least in California it’s springtime. Having grown up in Seattle, I’m used to having winter weather for a certain length of time. This year it hasn’t happened at all, we’ve had just two storms. In Chinese medicine each season has a purpose and an organ that it regulates. Winter is the time of year of the kidneys, which regulate all of our hormones. In winter our energy is naturally a bit lower than normal, leading us to hibernate, and rest more. That’s what allows our adrenal glands and other hormones to regenerate. This year, I’ve felt like I never really got to hibernate because the weather kept being so warm and sunny. I realized that having down time even if you don’t have a winter to give you an excuse is important. Its part of how we get to regenerate. When spring comes, things begin flowing again. As spring arrives your body naturally begins to have more energy again.

You can heal hormones and imbalances, lose weight and enhance your energy by following the seasons and listening to your body.

While its natural to be inward in the winter, things begin moving in spring. In the west we tend to celebrate the New Year in January, but I always thought it would be best to celebrate in spring, when things are flowing and blooming. I never recommend cleansing or detoxing in the winter but spring is the right time for it. 

Have you ever noticed how you feel more energetic and your body wants to move as spring comes around? Spring is the time of the liver in Chinese Medicine, when sap begins flowing and the trees are blooming. Our bodies tend to go with the flow because we begin to pay more attention to being outside, we have more energy and generally feel happier. The liver also regulates our menstrual cycles, the smooth flow of energy in our bodies, deals with stress, and the emotions of anger. If your liver is out of balance you might actually feel a bit worse at this time of year.

Some people feel more irritable, get more allergy symptoms, and possibly have more anxiety. These are all related to liver imbalance.

I always prescribe seasonal acupuncture tune-ups because it helps you flow into the time of year more smoothly. It’s preventive medicine to balance your body so that it flows smoothly into the new season.

Here are some other ideas for transitioning into a wonderful spring, where-ever you live. Clean out your closets, your house, and your car – by decluttering your life, you have more room for new things. Clean out your body – do a spring cleanse – we have one available at our office, or you can join the one Dr. Sara Gottfried is hosting here: http://www.adrenalhormonebalance.com  Even if you don’t want to do a huge spring cleanse, you can do a modified version by increasing the number of dark leafy greens you eat. Try to have between 50-80% of your food for a week or two be green vegetables. They are good for your liver.

If you have some emotional issues with people in your life, it’s a perfect time to clean them out, you can practice forgiveness and find ways to let go of old emotional traumas. I include a forgiveness meditation in my spring cleanse – it’s a Hawaiian prayer called Hoonoponopono Mantra. You repeat the following words over and over. “I love you, I thank you, I forgive you, please forgive me.”

Another way to heal old emotional traumas is to use EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping.

Enjoy your spring by cleansing – inside and out.




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  • Sandra Trend

    Nice article! it is true that to listen to our body as it flows according to the nature's seasonal change. Even during menstrual cycles our body changes more with mood swings, anxiety and stress, which is also because lack of rest that we don't listen to our body that our body needs rest at that particular time.

    Check this.

  • Reply

    You could certainly see your enthusiasm in the article you write.

    The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe.

    Always go after your heart.

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