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It takes a lot to forgive someone when you feel you’ve been wronged, sometimes it feels like you’d rather do anything than achieve that level of letting go. There are so many arguments against forgiving. I could list them here. Sometimes, we don’t even remember the traumas that occurred when we were young.

Our emotions get stuck in our bodies. When we hold on to various angers, hurts, traumas, for whatever reason, they become a part of our physical self. Choosing to forgive allows them to begin to heal.

It’s not always easy to forgive. We get so stuck with concepts and ideas of how things should be. We feel like we are right to have our feelings and whatever happened back then is totally unforgiveable.

If you are having trouble try spending some time with the issue that’s so hard to let go of. Imagine that whatever happened to you, happened for some higher reason, even if you don’t understand that reason. Go to that place inside of yourself that knows who you are today is stronger, smarter, or better because of that event.


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  • Ken Thruman

    Whew. Well stated but rather hard to do in some cases. ie, the situation/person that takes from you every month & has the legal right to do so for the rest of her or my life.
    Forgiven &/or apologized to every other human in my life (that I can come up with). It truly is freeing & healthy. But what about the ongoing, seemingly never-ending situation(s)?
    Your thots, guidence, suggestions would be most welcome.

    BTW: FABULOUS website & approach/mindset toward health! Well done, or at least well presented.

    Best to All of You, Ken

  • Shiroko Sokitch, MD

    Great question Ken, thank you. When there is a situation that requires something ongoing from you, its even better to find a way to be balanced with it. There must be a reason its going on. If that person is stuck in your life there is something to learn from the relationship.I always see a difficult situation as a mirror for something that is going on inside of me. How does the situation reflect to you in a positive way? What can you learn? Is there a way to find compassion and forgiveness here?
    Things like that.

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