Finding Your Unique Lifestyle

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Finding Your Unique Lifestyle – 6 Fundamentals

Your unique lifestyle is the most physically active of the 7 Keys, but it also requires inner strength. There are six core concepts that can help reinforce the significance and benefits of healthy living, so that you can maintain resolve and achieve the most beneficial results.

  1. Discover your unique path

Health does not have universal laws – balance is unique to each individual and what is healthy for one person may not work for you. The process of living a healthy lifestyle requires being able to recognize what your body needs, and act upon that understanding. Every person is entirely unique, and responds to illness, food, etc. in a precisely unique way.

  1. Prioritize yourself

The only way to live a healthy lifestyle is to make yourself a priority. Most people wait to pay attention to their health until they are in crisis. If you can find a way to make your own health as important as the health of your loved ones, and create an impetus for staying healthy before you get sick, you will greatly boost your well-being and alleviate potential emergencies.

  1. Stagnation & Flexibility

Life requires flexibility – an ability to move and change with ever-evolving circumstances. Good health requires mixing things up. Being stuck in a rut, even if the choice was originally a healthy one, can lead to stagnation and ultimately poor health.

  1. Moderation

Moderation is the central theme to a healthy life in Chinese Medicine. Practicing moderation in all elements of your life, including work, sex, food, drink, exercise, sleep establishes a stable foundation that affects not only your body, but also your mind, spirit, and emotions. Too much or too little of anything can cause an imbalance in your energy and health.

  1. Attitude:

Keeping a positive attitude, taking things in stride, and not losing faith when you encounter challenges will tremendously affect your lifestyle. Your attitude is related to your emotional well-being, but it is a part of lifestyle since it is the wellspring of motivation, and deeply affects the actions that you take in order to have a healthy lifestyle.  At the same time, healthy living improves your attitude, so the two compliment and support each other, creating a circular effect.

  1. Exploration & Practice

The final fundamental of lifestyle is maintaining an attitude of exploration, and being willing to practice your discoveries. By approaching your well-being like a science experiment, your life and your body will benefit as you continue your health journey throughout your life.

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