Emotional Healing

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Today I’ve been thinking about the concept of thinking about something versus feeling it. My experience on spiritual path has been that we can think of things or conceptualize them, but we don’t really get anywhere with them unless we feel them. Life provides us with opportunities to feel things every day. What we do with those experiences determines our ability to heal from them.
By reading about things, and studying them, we learn how they work mentally. That’s a valuable thing to do, it gets us ready when an experience comes along. When you have an emotional experience, you may not remember that you read something about how to move past old traumas. It takes practice and awareness to become calm enough in the middle of an emotional storm to stop and find the healing.

Lets say that you married a man who’s just like your dad. When you were a child, you felt unsupported in certain ways by your dad. Then you married your dad and found him to be just as unsupportive. You get angry and think it has something to do with your husband. Perhaps he didn’t pay the bills on time this month. The anger is really about what happened to you as a child. The healing comes when you can see that and be able to move to a place of forgiveness with your husband.

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