Why Detox 6: Cleanse 101

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Cleanses and detoxification have become a national trend. It seems like every day there is a new celebrity-endorsed cleanse that promises weight loss, better health, glowing skin, and more. In this series on detox, I’ve shared many reasons why a detoxifying cleanse is important for our health, from herbicides like glyphosate to heavy metals in cosmetics. Cleansing is increasingly important in our modern world. However, the quality of your cleanse matters. In this installment of the detox series, I share what happens during the process of a cleanse and why not all are created equally.


Cleanse Types

There are cleanses to suit every desire, from weight loss to better health overall. While many cleanses are marketed for their immediate benefits, not all are created equal. It is important to choose a detoxifying cleanse that will still provide your body with the nutrients and calories it needs to function optimally. Many fasting and juice cleanses can actually overtax your liver, leaving you feeling exhausted throughout the process. While these may promise quick benefits like weight loss, the results are often temporary. The right cleanse will still supply your body with essential nutrients and will support the entire detoxification system in your body.

When to Cleanse

In Chinese Medicine, it is best to cleanse in spring and fall. Cleansing in Autumn allows your body to prepare for the winter ahead by unloading any toxins you’ve accumulated in summer.

What Happens During a Cleanse

When participating in a cleanse like Dr. Shiroko’s 14-Day Seasonal Reboot, your body gently sheds toxins that have built up. Using herbs, vitamins, and minerals in the form of supplements and a delicious detoxification drink, my cleanse gives extra support to the liver and other organs as they flush the system of harmful toxins. It also encourages adding healthy, organic proteins and produce to the diet to support the body throughout the cleanse. It even comes with a helpful guide with recipe ideas and more!

Benefits of Cleansing

While each cleanse may claim different benefits, the most important aspect of cleansing is ridding your body of toxins. Many feel a huge increase in energy, and most notice a change in cravings and weight loss, as common allergens and additives like sugar and gluten are removed. A seasonal cleanse is a perfect way to jumpstart a healthy new season.


For more information on my custom cleanse, Dr. Shiroko’s Seasonal Reboot, click here.

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