Combating Colds & Flu This Fall (and How to Feel Better Quickly!)

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The crisp, cool air of fall is all around us, and so are the runny noses, sneezes, and coughs of those stricken with the common cold and flu. Previously, we discussed how being sensitive can make you more susceptible to illness. In this article, we’ll look at ways to combat these challenges to the immune system, as well as my favorite feel-better remedies, should you start to feel under the weather.


Invest in Your Health Before That First Sneeze

Noticing your youngest rubbing her eyes? Is the sound of stuffy noses in the background as you work? Act now to boost your immune system. Resist the urge to put in extra hours, and get adequate rest to ensure you’re operating in peak condition. Just as you wouldn’t expect to do well in a marathon without months of training, your body won’t have a head start if you’re exhausted and depleted. Be sure that your diet is wholesome, and eliminate grains and sugars, as they can increase inflammation and weaken the immune system. Be sure to invest in quality supplements to provide the essential nutrients our modern diets lack. Ensure that you check in with your spirit each day, and quickly attend to matters that are weighing down on you mentally. By caring for yourself, you’ll be better prepared to withstand the influx of illness this season.

What to Do When Sickness Strikes

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we wake up with a scratchy throat, runny nose, or pounding headache. It is important to recognize the extra effort your body is going through at this time, as everything works together to flush the illness from your system. Be patient with yourself. Devote time to feeling better. The following remedies will get you started:

Stay Hydrated

One of the first signs of an illness is a fever and excessive sweating. To destroy an invader, the immune system kicks into overdrive by raising your body temperature and flushing your body of toxins. Ensure that you replenish fluids regularly by drinking pure, filtered water.

Drink (or Sip) to Your Health

There are many healing herbs that make delicious teas, including peppermint, chamomile, and nettle. A simple ginger tea can be made by pouring boiling water over freshly sliced ginger root. Ginger can help soothe nausea, reduce sinus symptoms, increases circulation, and help banish the nausea that often accompanies the flu. A splash of lemon juice will boost its healing benefits by supplying essential Vitamin C. A favorite Chinese remedy of mine is to take a small onion and a stick of cinnamon – boil it in 2 cups of water for 20 minutes- and then drink the tea. Keep warm and let your body sweat after you’ve had the tea – it releases the cold from your system. If that’s too much work, you can buy any of a number of wonderful herbal anti cold teas such as Gypsy Cold Care. As you drink your tea, allow the steam to help open your nasal passages and soothe your nerves as the warm water increases circulation. Sipping any kind of tea is also a reminder to slow down and breathe deeply.

Supplement Wisely

Choose supplements that will aid your immune system as well as hasten your recovery. Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C are all beneficial supplements for speeding up healing and supporting your system. Recently, I had a cold coming on and knew I didn’t have time to get sick – so I took very high dose vitamin D, C, and olive leaf to relieve it quickly. It was over within 36 hours. To learn more about the best supplements for supporting your health, be sure to sign up for my webinar 20 Supplements for Healthy Living.

Take the Time to Reflect

Often, sickness comes into our lives to force us to slow down. Instead of feeling defeated, view this as an opportunity to look inward. Connect with your spiritual center, and determine whether your physical health is a manifestation of an illness within. Embrace times of quiet, rest, and reflection in order to cleanse your heart and mind. Just as our bodies must rest to heal, so must our spirits.


Do you have a plan for the influx of flu this fall? Support your health holistically by looking inward, embracing quiet, and taking the best care of your body. If you need additional help, please reach out to schedule an appointment. It is my pleasure to accompany you on your journey!



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