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Is your body prepared for this season of colds, flu, and family gatherings? Have you taken the time to tune into your inner voice as the days become shorter? Each change of season is a wonderful reminder to focus on our health. Much like we embrace spring cleaning, we must also manage to clean out the unnecessary substances from our bodies in order to thrive. A fall cleanse is a wonderful way to support our health this time of year!

Why Detox in the Fall?

Cleansing is especially important in the fall, as it can help boost your immunity in order to face the colder months ahead. Fall is the season of the lungs, large intestine, and emotions associated with letting go: both grief and sadness. Ridding our bodies of toxins with a gentle cleanse can also give us more energy to enjoy the upcoming holidays and social gatherings.

In my Accelerated Healing Plan, I discuss listening to your body. One of the ways to learn this is to reduce the noise. Our everyday lives and diet create so much noise that we can’t “hear” our bodies. When you simplify your life and bodily input with a cleanse, you can recognize more of what is right for you. This is especially important right before we go into such a noisy time of year: The Holiday Season!

Some of the positive side effects of cleansing include weight loss, improved digestion, better able to feel what foods you react to, more energy, better sleep, and better moods.

Fall Cleanse

I’ve taken the guesswork out of this process with my own – Dr. Shiroko’s 14-Day Seasonal Reboot. This custom detoxification program provides you with everything you need to get started, including 28 drink mix packets and 28 capsule packets. Participants will also have the support of our community as we embark on this seasonal tradition together.

What Is a Cleanse?

This gentle, enjoyable cleanse is formulated to help reduce inflammation, boost immunity, increase circulation, balance blood sugar, and much more! While our bodies are equipped with everything they need to remove toxic substances, our modern lifestyles leave us sifting through many more toxins than our systems can handle. This leaves our internal organs overburdened, and can also lead to sluggish digestion, lethargy, weight gain, chronic inflammation, depression, and a host of other conditions. Detoxifying cleanses support these organs with essential nutrients, and help facilitate the passing of unnecessary substances from our body.

Take Time to Cleanse Your Emotions as Well

While a cleanse is a great way to support your body physically, it is essential to set aside time to rest well, meditate, and let go of any emotional burdens you have been carrying. Many suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. The shorter days and longer nights of fall can leave many of us feeling drained. Removing toxins from our bodies and our minds can help balance both our hormones and our emotions. It is necessary in order to achieve our best health holistically. Follow the steps below to ensure that your cleanse is successful on every level:

  • Set aside time for quiet each day, whether it be meditation or a gentle walk through nature.
  • Quiet your mental chatter. Allow the deeper, hidden thoughts to rise to the surface.
  • Be honest and loving with yourself. It is hard to let our guard down.
  • Address each emotion you feel as you go through this process. The first days of a cleanse can be especially challenging for those who have a high concentration of toxins to let go of. Acknowledge what you are feeling.
  • Commit to accepting more positive emotions. Remember, thoughts can also be toxic.
  • Connect with your spiritual center, whether it be a mentor, religious figure, or nature.

Live Your Fullest Live This Fall!

Join with our community and experience a transformational two weeks. You’ll emerge feeling stronger, healthier, and ready to face the months ahead. If you would like to join us, the group cleanse begins on November 1st, 2016. We also offer a Cadillac Version of our cleanse – which includes 2 webinars, community emails, a massage, and a day at the healing Sonoma Mission Inn Mineral waters – Call for more information!

Fall Cleanse

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