Time to Hibernate

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Time to Hibernate

This past year, as spring rolled around I realized that I was feeling like I was a bit more tired than I’d like to be. I thought about why and realized that we hadn’t really had a winter in California. We’ve had this drought for a few years but this year was the driest yet. I think we had about a week of rain all winter. It made me realize that we need some down time each year when we let our energy be a little lower, to gather forces and rest.

In Chinese medicine – each organ has a time of day, a time of year, a pathway of energy that connects to the cycles of the earth. Winter is the time of the kidney energy. Our kidneys are the organ that is responsible for our overall sense of having energy, big transitions in life, low back, knees, bones, our physical brain, the emotion of fear and the power of will. If you translate big transitions in life and overall energy into western medicine – it would mean all of your hormones, and your physical brain chemistry. Winter is the time of year of the kidney.

It’s a good time to hibernate, go inward and restore your energy. This year, I feel much more aware of the change of the season, because last year I felt the lack of rest that I had during winter, this year, I crave my rest more.

Many of you will want to take cleanses and detoxes as soon as the new year starts, I recommend against doing that. Your body needs a rest, this is the time to restore your energy and not over do everything. Wait until spring to cleanse and detox, your energy will be climbing then.

If you want to really maximize your time this kidney season – try the following things:
– get plenty of sleep
– when the weather is nice, get outside and enjoy nature
– eat warm foods through out the cold season
– make this time of year cozy – enjoy the love of your friends and family while celebrating the holidays
– honor your body by listening when it needs rest.

Happy New Year my friends!
May the holidays and this entire season be filled with love and light and booming good health.
Dr. Shiroko

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