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Your Body Is Your Friend and It Is Designed To Heal!


I’m Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, MD, Board Certified Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine Doctor, best-selling author, and life-long seeker of miracles, solutions, and healing. I’m excited to meet you

My Healing Philosophy

  • I believe in your body’s innate ability to heal. We are all designed to heal, and just need the right tools, support structure, and insight for healing to occur.
  • My work starts with balancing the Triangle of Wellness (link to Triangle of Wellness) – your hormones, immune system, and nervous system. When these systems are in balance, your body feels better and you have the building blocks to heal – no matter what you are experiencing.
  • I believe that just as difficulties at work and in our personal relationships help us grow, we also evolve when we have issues with our bodies. The important thing is to never give up! Even if you’ve had an impossible journey so far, there is an answer that will work for you. 

I wanted to be a doctor since I was 5 years old, when my great-grandmother collapsed in front of me and died, and I wasn’t able to help her. So I dedicated myself to saving lives. Yet, after years of study and medical and surgical training, I still found myself searching for answers. I realized that more than wanting to “save lives” I wanted to help people thrive, and heal, and feel better.

That’s when I found and fell in love with Chinese medicine, more than 30 years ago. It gave me the foothold to find the answers I was seeking, and has been the foundation of my expertise in acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, Functional medicine and other powerful modalities.

I feel grateful every day for the miracles of life, and to be able to fulfill my purpose and help others find their own path towards healing.

You can also check out my book, Healing When It Seems Impossible: 7 Keys to Defy the Odds which contains my core philosophy and is full of practical healing tools that you can begin using immediately! Click here to learn more about this important resource for healing, and receive the free workbook that accompanies it.

There is an innate healing that exists within each of us, and it is happening all the time. With this understanding, there is no blame for your body or your experiences. Everything has the potential to heal, to inspire growth, and to transform.

If you’d like to learn more about my personal story, you can keep reading… Or, if you’d like to simply get started, click here.

Meet Dr. Shiroko

“I have faith in your body’s intelligence, and in its capacity to heal. After decades of practice and research, I’ve come to realize that our biggest job when we are healing is to uncover what might be preventing us from getting to the miraculous.” — Dr. Shiroko

On Your Side! 

Board certified in both acupuncture and Functional medicine, trained in surgery, and consistently pursuing the latest in medical innovation, Dr. Shiroko’s exceptional knowledge of the body, her relentless perseverance, and her expertise in both Western and Chinese medicine is the ultimate prescription for healing. As a leader of integrative medicine practices, her methods are informed, effective, intuitive, nurturing, and for patients with difficult or mysterious illnesses, she is the end of the line because she never gives up.

From Knives to Needles – A Life-Long Quest

When Dr. Shiroko was she was just five years old, her great-grandmother, her beloved Oma, collapsed in front of her, having suffered a massive stroke. After, she was told that her Oma had died because her heart had stopped beating. At that moment, Shiroko was overwhelmed with sorrow and loneliness – but her hope was bigger. She believed there HAD to be a way to make her Oma better – and immediately began to imagine a machine that would make a heart beat again. 

That was the day Shiroko decided to become a doctor. As she states: “I always had the feeling that instantaneously healing was possible, and I’ve spent my whole life looking for solutions and ways for people to achieve a miracle in their health.” 

As Shiroko’s knowledge and experience in medicine progressed, her passion evolved from a desire to save lives, to a commitment to help people fully heal. During her second year of surgical residency, she made a radical change on her medical path when she fell in love with Chinese medicine.

For the next 10 years, while learning the ropes of acupuncture and herbalism and establishing her prominent medical practice, Shiroko worked as an ER doctor. This work exposed her to countless extreme medical situations and gave her a deep-rooted ability to recognize, interpret, and address potentially critical or emergency conditions. 

As a young doctor and Chinese medicine practitioner, Dr. Shiroko’s knowledge, experience, and appreciation of Chinese and Western medicine grew in tandem. In 1993, she opened Heart to Heart Medical Center in Santa Rosa, CA—fulfilling a dream that pioneered bringing together the best of Western and Chinese medicine. 

Heart to Heart – A Healing Connection

“Healing begins and ends with love.” 

At Heart to Heart, Dr. Shiroko expertly navigates blending Western and Chinese medicine practices. Though different in method and philosophy, these two approaches wonderfully complement each other and and provide a stronger and more assured path towards healing. In addition to acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Dr. Shiroko uses craniosacral therapy, specific diagnostic tests, hormonal acuity, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, herbs, supplements, physical exercises, and nutritional guidance to help her patients find balance. Her expansive knowledge of different healing methods, her drive to find solutions, and her nurturing and powerful command of acupuncture have given her the reputation as an authority for patients with difficult, or impossible, conditions.

Dr. Shiroko listens closely to her patients health concerns. Her calming presence and her faith in you, is, by itself, life-changing! She knows that it is not only physical factors that affect our health, and puts her attention on care – and on recognizing the emotional, spiritual, and life-style factors that deeply affect our healing. She helps you understand what your body is communicating. Dr. Shiroko’s confidence in your ability to heal and live a full and vibrant life will absolutely change the way that you feel about your health and your body.

Book, Media, and Community

After years of working with patients, Dr. Shiroko began to recognize specific “keys” that facilitated healing, especially for patients with difficult or undiagnosed conditions. Her best-selling book, Healing When it Seems Impossible: 7 Keys to Defy the Odds, (2018) caringly describes the healing process, and offers specific tools and exercises to guide individuals to find their own path towards healing

An avid believer of empowering individuals, Dr. Shiroko has been speaking publicly, creating workshops, and writing newspaper columns and blogs about health issues and wellness throughout her career. Her presence on radio, local television, and podcasts range from subjects as diverse as hormones, supplements, heart health, cholesterol, and disaster relief. She consistently offers informative webinars that teach how to create a fundamental shift in the way you relate to your body and your health.

In 2017, after the devastating fires in Sonoma County, where Heart to Heart is located, Dr. Shiroko organized a summit to help her community. The Disaster Relief Summit is free for anyone who is facing a crisis like the one that Sonoma County residents endured. It offers 32 talks about various health effects of disasters – such as smoke inhalation, mold exposure, and PTSD and gives solutions for managing health related concerns. Click here to learn more about it.

To inquire about Dr. Shiroko’s CE programs and keynote speeches please contact: 


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