How To Cleanse in Winter

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As we begin a new year, many wish to jump-start their 2017 of health and prosperity by participating in a detoxifying winter cleanse. While I do support the practice of new beginnings and fresh starts, cleansing in winter is especially hard on our bodies. Below, I share ways to start your year off right without taxing your system.

How to Cleanse in Winter

The Season of the Kidneys

In Chinese Medicine, winter is the season of the kidneys. We use this season to gather and restore our energy. Much like nature spends its time in hibernation, so do parts of our bodies. In contrast, cleansing is a way to awaken the body and increase the energy flow throughout. Doing a winter cleanse interrupts this natural cycle of hibernation. The various cleansing protocols can actually weaken the kidneys during this period of rest!

A Healthy Alternative for Your New Year

If you’re eager to start your new year off right, begin by nourishing your body. If you must cleanse, do it with the foods you eat. Choose whole foods and eat simply. Eliminate any sugar, caffeine, dairy, grains, and alcohol. Opt for organic fruits, high-quality lean protein, and plenty of vegetables. Be sure to spend plenty of time looking inward and nourishing your mental and spiritual health, as well. Don’t drink juices or cold shakes – unless you live in the tropics – they will weaken you at this time of year.


It will soon be spring, and the sap will be flowing in trees as well as in our bodies. This is the proper time for a cleanse, and we will embark on this journey together. I wish you a prosperous new year, full of health!



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