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How to Find Hope in all Situations

In the movie Forest Gump, the main character is so wonderful because he always has a positive attitude.

Many things happen to him in his journey but he never loses his positive outlook. He maintains his innocence throughout the story.

Our world is filled with so much tragedy that sometimes it’s hard to maintain a positive attitude. Just in the last month, we’ve had the Boston bombings, the Texas explosion, the kidnapped girls in Cleveland, and now the shootings in New Orleans.

Every day people are suffering from tragic events in their lives. Some of the tragedies make the news, others are less noticed by the media.

Every day I see people who have reached the depths of hopelessness. Perhaps the most difficult thing for a person to live with is a loss of hope. When there is nothing left, what do you do?

A few years ago, I went through one of the darkest periods of my life when my husband decided he no longer wanted to be with me. Initially, I held on to the hope that we would somehow work it out and get together again. I was so attached to my relationship with him that I didn’t know how to be without it. Finally, I realized that to keep hanging on was futile. Every element of my life fell apart and I hit rock bottom. I lost hope that my grief would ever go away.

Remain Hopeful

At first, in a time of darkness, all you can do is be in that moment.

It is a time of deep despair. It has to sink in that nothing is going to change the feelings you are having. But we were made to be hopeful. It is our mission to find our way out of our darkest night to see the light. Our only way out is through.

If we look at hopelessness from the Chinese Medicine perspective, it is a state where energy is not flowing. You feel as though you are stuck, and you can’t seem to get out of the box that you’re in. The first thing to do when you feel hopeless is to open up the box. Begin to see possibility outside the situation you are in.

Here are five things that you can do to find hope when you feel like nothing is left:

  1. Spend time with friends.
  2. Move your body. It opens up your channels to allow flow of energy.
  3. Get a massage or have acupuncture treatments. This too opens up the flow of energy.
  4. Look to the future. Begin to think of the things that are meaningful to you. What are your goals, your dreams, your wishes? Even if you do only one thing to move in that direction every day, it will help.
  5. Give love to someone else, there is always someone who needs it. By giving love, it opens your heart to receive love. Ultimately love will help you heal this pain.

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