5 Ways to Resolve Your Pain

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I’ve spent some time discussing how to resolve pain from poor digestive health, lowered immunity, inflammation, and chronic pain. In this article, I want to speak to those who are experiencing physical pain. Whether you’ve just been injured or are dealing with a chronic condition like osteoarthritis, you don’t have to suffer! These five methods work with your body to bring you relief and help you get back to optimal health.

Resolve Pain

1.    Acupuncture

Acupuncture is recognized as an effective technique for pain relief. It has also been practiced for over 3000 years! Developed in Ancient China, this painless technique involves the insertion of needles into specific points all over the body. This allows energy to flow throughout the body, and removes any blockages that cause pain or discomfort. Conventional medicine recognizes the benefits of acupuncture for resetting hormonal imbalances, improving circulation, stimulating healing, and interrupting the body’s pain response.

2.    Massage

When we think of deep relaxation, massage often comes to mind. This is because massage works to interrupt the body’s stress response. When under stress, the pain signals in our body become amplified, leading to a cycle of increased stress and even more pain. Massage also increases circulation to sore muscles, helping to flush out lactic acid that causes cramping and soreness. Choose a practitioner who is both experienced in pain relief and is aware of any injuries you have prior to scheduling an appointment.

3.    Physical Therapy

Physical therapy combines several methods to relieve pain. Modalities like deep heat, electrical stimulation, and therapeutic ultrasound can help relieve swelling, inflammation, and discomfort. Targeted stretches help to boost flexibility. and exercises reduce the strain on painful areas and build up strength in weakened muscles. A physical therapist will see you for an evaluation and treatment, and then recommend a visit frequency to match your needs.

4.    Exercise

The proper exercises can relieve pain. Gentle yoga poses can help alleviate strain in tired, sore muscles. Slow, controlled stretches can help reduce tension and increase circulation. Remember to listen to your body as you move, and pay attention to any increase in pain. You should exercise to the point of a nice stretch without any discomfort. Avoid the temptation to compromise proper form for more repetitions or greater range of motion.

5.    Meditation

Pain can be our greatest teacher. Our bodies react to both danger and injury in subtle ways. By the time we are in true physical pain, we’ve often learned to ignore these signals. Instead of being frustrated with the process of healing, open to the lesson your body is trying to teach you. A few moments of quiet meditation can help you look inside. Is your body telling you to slow down? Examine your posture and also the amount of stress in your life. Notice the pain and listen to the messages lying behind it.


Whether you’re experiencing pain for the first time or have learned to live with it for many seasons, these five methods can help you find relief. Remember to approach any new method with both hope and love for your body.

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