5 Steps to Keep From Getting Sick Now

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This is an unusual spring in that our weather is still acting like winter, its stressing our bodies  more than usual. I’ve seen more people getting sick lately with pretty bad coughs and colds, so I’ve written this blog to help you not get sick if you’re fighting it now.  I’ve listed what you need to do to keep well right now and if you’re starting to get sick.

 Stay well now:

 1. take a good multi

2. Vitamin D – 2000-5000IU

3. Vitamin C – up to 2000mg per day

4. Omega Fatty acids – depending on the brand, 3-6 capsules

5. Host Defense or another medicinal mushroom formula 2 capsules per day

 If you’re starting to get ill – with a scratchy throat or a bit chilled and achey:

 1. Gargle with diluted hydrogen peroxide – 3 times in one hour, get it to the back of your throat and hold it there for a full minute, it will kill the virus.

2. Wellness formula or New Chapter Sinus and Respiratory or Yin Qiao – take two pills every two hours, you need to take it frequently to fight off the illness.

You can also just take Echinacea and goldenseal if that works for you.

3. Vitamin C – 500mg every two hours

4. Extra Vitamin D – some studies show that up to 20,000 IU vitamin D alone will fight off an illness.


Oh and one more thing, in Chinese medicine, its believed that cold enters your body through the neck, right under the ears, so if you wear a scarf, you will protect yourself against illness.


For more information, you can visit my web site at www.hearttoheartmedicalcenter.com or search online for other ideas.


Shiroko Sokitch, MD

Heart to Heart Medical Center

Santa Rosa, CA   95403

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