Patient Like a Praying Mantis

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When it comes to making the next move in life or figuring out what to do next when you’re trying to solve a problem or pain point, it is so easy to become impatient. When impatience takes over, we often lose our ability to make the best decision – we miss signs and signals that are meant to direct us. So what does patience have to do with a praying mantis? Let me explain.

The Praying Mantis

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we were talking about the praying mantis. There had been a praying mantis hanging around near my doorstep for a few days, just sitting there! It fascinated me that he was sitting around for so long in the same place so I looked it up online. Apparently, patience and the praying mantis have a lot in common. The praying mantis never makes a move until it knows for sure what the next move is going to be. It is a simple, yet genius, principle that serves a significant purpose.

Patience Within Healing

As for me, I have never been the patient type of person because moving slowly is a difficult thing. When you’re on a healing journey, patience tends to be an issue. This is because you have been feeling crummy and you want to start feeling better now. As soon as you get the slightest clue as to what might be wrong, you tend to want to take something that will make you feel better – now!

Often, on a healing journey, it takes some time to feel better – It doesn’t happen right away. You could have a detox process that you need to go through as you are healing or maybe there are layers of issues you need to work out one-by-one before your body really starts to feel better.

Be aware that learning patience might even be part of the lesson behind what is going on with you.

Today, I invite you to explore the concept of patience and what it takes to be patient. How do you learn to listen to your body in such a way that it gives you the clues that you need right when you need them?

Inexplicable ailments, chronic pain and other mystery issues with your body do not have to be a forever thing. You can heal! Pick up a copy of my book – Healing When It Seems Impossible: 7 Keys To Defy The Odds.

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