Finding the Underlying Causes of Autoimmune Disease

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Do you ever feel like it’s hard to get going in the morning? Like you’re gaining weight for no reason? Or do you have aches and pains that you cannot explain? Do you have this underlying feeling like you have the flu? All of these symptoms can be related to an autoimmune disease. If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or you are experiencing symptoms like this, I’m excited to share the key to healing from these particular ailments because there is more to it than most people think.

Autoimmune diseases are something that effect your energy, weight and health because your body is quite literally attacking itself. But, your body isn’t stupid, it’s not just attacking your own tissues for NO reason!

Some of the common autoimmune diseases that people suffer from include:

  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – where your immune system is attacking your thyroid.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – your immune system is attacking your tissues and causing chronic inflammation in the joints.
  • Insulin Dependent Diabetes – an autoimmune process in your body is mistakenly destroying insulin producing cells.

I’ve been helping my patients heal by helping them find out the root cause of the autoimmune issue. Your immune system is attacking your tissues for a reason.

For example: One possible root cause of hashimoto’s thyroiditis is often an infection that is setting off the disease and causing your immune system to attack your thyroid. Once you discover this underlying infection, you are then able to rid your body of that infection and begin truly healing process. It sounds easy enough but it does involve some digging and patience.

Common root causes of most autoimmune diseases include:

  • Hidden infection –  virus, bacteria or a parasite – for example – with Hashimoto’s Epstein Barr Virus is a common contributor.
  • Food reactivity or allergy – such as gluten, dairy, or other foods
    • Gluten can be especially bad for thyroid because the molecule is a similar shape to thyroid hormone.
  • Environmental toxin – repeated exposure to environmental toxins can trigger your immune system to attack tissues.
    • an example of this is our heavy use of plastic – which can mimic estrogen behavior and trigger immune reactions.
  • Heavy Metals – we are all exposed to heavy metals these days – they can prevent your immune system from being able to do it’s normal job.

I often find a combination of environmental reaction, with a chemical reaction like a food allergy and compounded by an infection. All three of those things come together to contribute the reaction that has your immune system attacking your organs. As a functional medicine practitioner, these are the kinds of things I’m able to explore with my clients. We root out the deeper cause (or often multiple causes) of the issue and proceed to create a healing formula from the inside out.

Inexplicable ailments, chronic pain and other mystery issues with your body do not have to be a forever thing. You can heal! Pick up a copy of my book – Healing When It Seems Impossible: 7 Keys To Defy The Odds.

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