Yoga and chakras

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Yoga is one of the most amazing exercises you can do. All exercise is good but yoga is specifically oriented toward moving energy in the meridians. Energy flows through the body in a layer of tissue called the fascia. this is the layer that surrounds every organ and every tissue in your body. For example, if you pull at the skin on your arm, your skin will lift up and you will feel it slide on  a smooth layer underneath it, that is a fascial layer. There is a fascia around the heart, the lungs, the intestines, and brain, each of which has a different name.

When you do yoga, you’re stretching and moving in such a way that it causes  opening in the fascia. This is where the acupuncture meridians are believed to flow.

Your chakras are the main energy centers of your body. There are seven of them. When you do yoga, specific moves will help strengthen the energy in those centers of your body. As you gain in physical strength in the areas of your chakras, you will also develop more emotional and spiritual strength of those areas.

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