Western Medicine

We practice Western Medicine from a Functional Medicine perspective, meaning that we use lab tests and medications to help you get your body into balance. Our ultimate purpose is to understand what is the root cause of your health issue in order to help you heal it.

General Practice Medicine – Including annual medical and conventional lab tests.

Specialized Lab Testing – In-depth hormone analysis, stool tests to evaluate digestive function and hidden infections, heavy metal toxicity analysis, food allergy testing, neurotransmitter testing to evaluate brain chemistry – helpful in sleep, depression, ADHD, memory issues, fatigue, and other disorders.

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy – Otherwise known as bioidentical hormones.

Nutritional and dietary advice
– In-depth evaluation of nutrition from the Chinese and Western perspective.

Herbs – Using herbs to balance the energy rather than for symptoms according to the principles of Chinese medicine to balance energy.

Osteopathic Manipulation – A gentle hands on technique to relax and release ligament and muscle holding patterns usually done after an acupuncture treatment.

Cranial Manipulation – A gentle hands on technique to balance the movement of the cranial bones allowing the spinal fluids to flow smoothly.

Personalized exercise suggestions – If you have injuries or if you are trying to get fit.


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