Trust and our medical system

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In our modern age, its hard to know who to trust. Even the medical treatments that have been supposedly researched and are backed by hard data, are supported by drug companies. We’re never really sure whether what we are being told to do is going to cause more side effects, or whether we will do well with that medication, or how we will feel.

It’s your doctor’s job to do the research on a particular medication but that doesn’t always happen and it doesn’t mean that you will do well with that medicine. 

The best solution is to listen to your own body. Your body has an inner knowing and wisdom that is always talking. When you’re not sure whether you should take a medication or supplement, the best voice is inside of you. 

If you don’t know what it means to listen to your body, think about the first time you met a person that you were really attracted to, everything inside of you said YES! Not that a supplement would make you feel the same way, but…it might be easier to know if you look for the yes.


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