The Problem With Dairy

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The Problem with Dairy

A few years ago, I realized that I was allergic to dairy and eggs. I had symptoms for years but never really understood that they had to do with one of my favorite foods – cheese! (and ice cream!)

I had nasal congestion all the time, and could never breath through my nose, but I thought that was because of pollen and environmental allergies. When I finally quit eating dairy, I found myself able to breath through my nose for the first time in years. And some of my chronic digestive issues improved.

We often talk about how bad gluten is for you, but I think even more people have a problem with dairy than gluten. Countless times in the last few years, I’ve had patients go off of dairy to find that their skin improves, their digestion improves, their migraines go away, and their sinuses get better. It’s not just that, but science actually shows that dairy has been linked to increased cancers, diabetes, and worsening of osteoporosis – in spite of what the dairy industry would have you believe.

Food allergies can be subtle in their effect on you. You may not even notice the symptoms, but they will nag at you and keep you feeling slightly under the weather if not fully ill for a long time. It’s not just dairy, or gluten, but other foods that can wreak havoc on your system. One of my patients has had hives for the last few months, she eats eggs almost every day – when we did a food allergy test, we found that eggs were a severe trigger for her. The 7 most common foods that cause problems for people include the following – dairy, gluten, eggs, corn, peanuts, soy, and sugar – sugar substitutes.

And what about those of you who have trouble with your weight? Hidden food allergies may be your problem as well. My friend and mentor JJ Virgin has a great book – the Virgin Diet – It’s about how to eliminate 7 foods for 7 days and lose 7 pounds. She makes it easy with substitutions that make you feel great and have you never even miss the foods you eliminated. The Virgin Diet just came out in paperback, and she is offering it at NO COST to you – today, just pay the shipping and handling of $6.95. Check it out here –

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