Initial Visit with Dr. Shiroko

“She diagnosed and treated me effectively within a few minutes, after I had consulted with a multitude of… doctors over a three year period.” ~Max J. Van Praag

At Heart to Heart Medical Center we believe that taking the time to listen, devoting the appropriate attention to our client’s history and symptoms, conducting a complete physical utilizing our Blended Medicine techniques, and including an acupuncture treatment are key elements of your initial visit. They are the first steps in your journey towards optimum health and balance. 

Your initial visit is an hour long and includes the following:

  1. A full history of your current health concerns.
  2. An interview asking questions which pertain to all areas of your health including but not only, diet, exercise, sleep, and stress factors.
  3. A physical examination utilizing both Chinese and Western Medicine’s techniques.
  4. A full assessment of your problems explained from the Chinese and Western point of view.
  5. A list of possible solutions.
  6. A list of further tests that may be needed or further information we need to get so we can find the root of your problems.
  7. Diet, exercise and supplement recommendations.
  8. Stress reduction recommendations.
  9. A follow up treatment plan which includes both Chinese and Western medicine treatments for at least the first stage of your recovery.
  10. A written list of all advice and if you’d like, a recording of Dr. Shiroko’s explanation.

Blending the ancient tradition of Chinese Medicine with the brilliant science of modern western medicine allows you to have an experience of both worlds. It helps you achieve your highest health.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at the doorway. We believe in the healing power of Love. We are passionate about helping people to heal from their problems and move into the true experience of Health for Life. We are so invested in our commitment to our patients that we have been known to be available after hours either on the phone or, even when situations become difficult, make house calls. Your calls are answered by your Doctor, not an answering service.

The fee, which includes all of the above, is $550 and is payable by check, cash and all major credit cards at time of the appointment. Although we do not bill insurance directly, we provide you with the paperwork you need in order to get reimbursed for your visit.

Please call our office at 707.524.9640 and take your first step toward Health for Life by scheduling your Initial Visit.

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