Initial Visit with Dr. Shiroko


Welcome to your heroic healing journey!

At Heart to Heart Medical Center, we believe that blending the ancient and holistic traditions of Chinese medicine with progressive science from western medicine gives us a solid foundation to achieve your highest health.

Dr. Shiroko provides a free 15 minute consultation. Please call our office at 707-524-9640 and take your first step toward your vibrant health by scheduling your Initial Visit.

Prior to Your First Visit

Dr. Shiroko will have thoroughly reviewed your medical history, including past medical records, specialist consultations, laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures and the new patient questionnaire.

It is requested that you fill out the questionnaire and send all previous medical records to our office as far in advance of your first visit as possible.

Initial Visit
Your new patient visit is 90 minutes – this includes a 60 minute consultation followed by a 30 minute acupuncture session.

Your initial visit includes the following:

    1. A full history of your current health concerns.
    2. An in-depth interview asking questions which pertain to all areas of your health. This includes, but is not limited to: diet, exercise, sleep patterns, support system, and stress factors.
    3. A physical examination utilizing both Chinese and Western Medicine techniques.
    4. A full assessment of your problems explained from the Chinese and Western medicine point of view.
    5. A list of possible solutions.
    6. A list of further laboratory tests or diagnostic evaluations that may be needed in order to find the root of your health concerns.
    7. Diet, exercise and supplement recommendations.
    8. Pharmaceutical prescriptions if needed.
    9. Stress reduction recommendations.
    10. Acupuncture treatment.
    11. An initial follow-up treatment plan which includes both Chinese and Western medicine treatments for at least the first stage of your recovery.
    12. A written list of all advice.

I often prescribe acupuncture as part of your treatment. Acupuncture is incredibly effective at bringing your body into balance. It can help reduce pain and alleviate many symptoms. Acupuncture also supports the Triangle of Wellness™, a vital and dynamic relationship between your hormones, nervous system, and immune system. You can learn more about the Triangle of Wellness™.

At your initial visit, we will determine if tests or labs need to be taken in order to understand your health issue more thoroughly. If you do require labs, we may wait to develop your full treatment plan until we have received and reviewed the results, but you do not need to wait to begin working with me and feeling better. Acupuncture can offer immediate results!

Acupuncture treatments take approximately 30-45 minutes.

Lab review and treatment plan follow-up
If you do have labs or tests taken, once they have returned we will schedule a lab review and treatment plan follow-up. This visit is approximately 30-45 minutes long, depending on how many labs are taken.

This visit includes a thorough review of all diagnostic and laboratory testing that was performed and will identify any underlying core imbalances that are contributing to your particular symptoms and health concerns. Then, an individualized, comprehensive plan will be developed to meet your unique healthcare needs empowering your journey towards wellness.

Our Commitment
We believe in your body’s natural healing ability. Our commitment is to help you achieve the full potential of your good health so that you can live the life of your dreams. We take our commitment seriously and do everything in our power to help you get there.

To download the New Patient Intake Forms, please click here.

Please call our office at 707.524.9640 and take your first step toward Health for Life by scheduling your Initial Visit.