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Dr. Shiroko Sokitch of Heart to Heart Medical Center is launching a Ageless Campaign across California. With nearly 30 years of Chinese and Western medicine practice, Dr. Shiroko’s mission is to change one million lives.

Dr. Shiroko Sokitch formulated her Ageless Program incorporating nearly 30 years of expertise with over 40,000 patients, and a deep desire to change the unneccesary causes of aging.

With the one-size-does-not-fit-all medical approach, Dr. Shiroko’s Reversing Aging Program is highly personalized to your physical body, emotions, and lifestyle with the mission to create lasting results.

Do you have low energy or high stress? 

Are you suffering from lower back pain or arthritis?

Dr. Shiroko Focuses on Nine Key Factors of Healthy Aging:

  • Hormones: Involved with energy, fatigue, meno or mano-pause, pain, sleep
  • Brain Chemistry: Involved with memory, focus, depression, anxiety, other mood disorders
  • Digestion and Inflammation: Involved with food sensitivities, diabetic tendencies, heartburn, bowel problems
  • Immune System: Involved with allergies, infections, auto-immune diseases, lung problems, cancer
  • Heart and Circulation: Involved with cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, cholesterol
  • Joints, Bones, Ligaments: Focus on preserving our movement ability and strength
  • Attitude: A positive attitude improves your aging process
  • Appearance: There are natural and healthy ways to maintain a youthful appearance
  • Dealing with Stress: Stress is the biggest culprit of aging
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