Dr. Shiroko’s TV Show: Perspectives on Healing


“Perspectives on Healing”, Dr. Shiroko’s TV Show

Perspectives on Healing is a public access television show, created by Sivan Garr and Shiroko Sokitch, MD. Each episode highlights a different problem and presents new ideas for dealing with it. It is now airing on the following public access television stations:

Healdsburg:  Channel 26 Seven days a week at 7:00pm

Novato: Channel 26 Thursday  6:30pm

Petaluma Channel 26 Saturdays at 3pm and other times throughout the week

San Diego: Channel 19 Time-Warner Cable Wednesday’s at 5:30pm

San Francisco Channel 29 The 3rd and 4th Tuesday of every month 9pm

Santa Rosa: Channel 26 Tuesday 10am Wednesday 6pm Channel 30 Monday 9pm Tuesday 1pm Wednesday 6am


Click on the link below to view some of the shows.

Sivan is a spiritual teacher whose work changes lives. To view her web page, visit http://www.sivangarr.com 

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