My Gift to You This Holiday Season

By December 21, 2016Blog

The holidays are a wonderful time for reflection. While many of us feel pressured to find the perfect gift, it can be tempting to forget the importance of both kind words and an open heart. Winter’s chilly weather reminds us to go inside, and it’s a reminder for us to also look inward. May we remember to be thankful for both the lessons we’ve learned and the loved ones in our lives.


A Prayer for Love and Peace

“For this holiday season:

I wish you the most beautiful time

with beloved friends and family

Filled with gracious gifts

Joyful delicious meals

May your blessings be many

and your joys overflowing

May all your wishes come true

That all for this season

And into next year

You’re filled with such gratitude

Such light

Such overwhelming goodness

That it touches each person you know

And Grows bigger and bigger.

Until it fills our universe with light and love.”

–Dr. Shiroko Sokitch

A Gift of Love for You to Enjoy

This video was created by my friend Sivan Garr, and is also my gift to you. May it bring you both love and peace in this holiday season. Share it with your loved ones, and also those who are in need of a little extra love. By focusing on the abundance and love in our lives, we open the door to even more in the coming year. Wishing you a beautiful holiday,



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