Heart to Heart Medicine Healing Philosophy

“Shiroko is a shining, tried-and-true example of a healer who skillfully integrates diverse knowledge into a supportive and effective approach for people from all different backgrounds” ~Christopher Paul Campbell

At the Heart to Heart Medical Center we believe that time, attention and caring are the hallmarks of alternative medicine. One of the unfortunate aspects of modern medicine is that doctors often spend less than 5 minutes with the patient after the nurse and other staff have checked the patient in and taken the history. The only person you spend time with at Heart to Heart is Shiroko.

img_8694-edit+3What’s love got to do with it? Love is the healing force of the universe. At Heart to Heart, we work at providing you with the nurturing caring atmosphere that will allow your highest healing forces to come into play whether you have a sprained ankle or cancer. Each condition has a significance in relation to your body and needs to be given the space and support for healing. Sometimes it’s just a week or two of coming in for acupuncture treatments, sometimes we go through a year of supplements, tests, acupuncture, exercises, and dietary changes to get your body healed. I make a commitment to each of my clients that I will help them get to where they want to go in their healing path, whatever that takes. You get my cell phone number, email address, extra time, and sometimes I even make house calls to help you wherever you need.

An initial visit is 1 1/2 hours long and includes a thorough evaluation of your health from the Chinese and Western philosophies. She will provide you with a plan for addressing each issue and give you instructions for helping yourself with diet and exercise, herbs and supplements as well as ideas for treatments. If acupuncture is suggested, her techniques are painless and relaxing. Further testing might be recommended to understand hormone levels, digestive function or neurotransmitter levels among other possibilities. Once you have decided to work with Shiroko, she is your partner in healing. You can access her via email, or her cell phone to get answers to your questions.