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Blended Medicine™

A healthy life includes an acceptance of contrasts and conflict, a recognition of the Balances inherent in our spirits and our bodies, and a willingness to embrace the opposites that together, make us whole.

Medicine has been inaccurately described as the science of treating disease, commonly called Restorative Treatment. Our culture needs a new definition, one that includes a deeper look at what’s behind our symptoms. One that is beyond Conventional or Alternative Treatments. With a greater knowledge of why we get sick, we can make smart choices that allow us to live healthier, happier lives and ultimately achieve Optimum Health.

I have been a Medical Doctor for more than 20 years, and have spent much of my career working to balance the dissimilar approaches of Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine. It became clear to me that we need a new model of healing, one that embraces the remarkable scientific achievements of the last century, but also utilizes time tested methods of healing that have proven to be effective as well, I call this Blended Medicine (TM).

In fact, some of the most significant scientific achievements of the last 50 years involve the discovery of things we can’t experience with our five senses. From the whirling electrons in our atomic structure, to the tiny infectious particles that invade our bodies, most of who we are is made up of components that are invisible.

From the perspective of Western Medicine, disease and ill health are technical problems, like a fouled spark plug or a corrupted computer file, that can be corrected with the right combination of chemicals and surgery. Chinese Medicine postulates that a balance between body, mind, emotions, spirit, energy, and activity promotes a healthy life. Much of today’s public debate about differing styles of healing seeks to prove which method is right or wrong.

We have moved past the conflict, and created an integrated medical system that puts the emphasis on health, and what you can do to impact how you feel. If someone offered you the answer to a long and healthy life wouldn’t you jump at the chance to find out what it was? Please review our brief on Optimum Health.

Change your health today! A whole new approach to healing awaits you! If you are interested in learning how to bring wellness, healing, and complete transformation to your being, call now for your free 15 minute consultation. 415.895.5068.

Even in this modern age of alternative medicine, Dr. Shiroko is the only MD who blends Chinese and Western medicine in this unique way. She has been in Santa Rosa for over 15 years and has now expanded her practice to Marin County. You can see more of her history and what drove her to her Blended Medicine discovery on her Bio. You may also find more information on the foundational elements of this new philosophy in her 20.30.50.Healing Path ™ brief.

Over the years she has worked with hundreds of people whose difficult problems led them to many different physicians seeking Restorative Treatment. She has been able to help them understand and find healing in places where no one else has. For some people while their excellent medical care has helped, they have found themselves only able to go so far with their healing. Dr. Shiroko has added that little extra touch to move them through the process, viewing The Person and their Balance through her different perspective.

The path to emotional, spiritual, and physical health is not only unique to each of us, but it changes and grows as we do. There is no destination, no “Point B” waiting for us when we find the courage to walk away from “Point A” and seek wholeness and understanding. The journey is a dynamic system, reacting to our presence and unfolding as we travel. Each victory, and each mistake, illuminates the next steps.

Instead of looking at different systems of health care as competing theories, we see them as building blocks, that can be arranged and rearranged to suit the needs of our patients at any given time. When we find the optimal combination of techniques that work best for you at a given time in your life, you will be able to, with our Love and support, use them to create the healing you need.

After almost thirty years of medicine, after seeing thousands of patients with tens of thousands of maladies, injuries, and illnesses, my conclusion is that excellent health can be achieved through balancing medicine, lifestyle, and awareness. We provide our patients with the Educational Information and Processes that explain how they are no longer a passive participant in the status of their health.

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