Beauty is not Only Skin Deep – 4 Ways to Have More Beautiful Skin

Acupuncture for Beautiful Skin

Its spring time! and everyone is beginning to shed their winter coats. Wanting to step out into the world and see and be seen. We all want to look good. I just had my hair cut and wasn’t happy with it! Oh no! After it was cut, I just wanted to hide in my house and not be seen! I desperately searched for someone who could fix it so I could feel okay again. But looking good isn’t just about what you look like on the outside, it’s also about your inner self. What you eat, how you exercise, your physical health, and how you feel emotionally affect your looks too. Within 10 minutes your face can change completely, think about when you are in love – or when you feel sad. Every emotion affects your appearance, even when you aren’t thinking about it. In this article I’ll talk about four things that will affect your skin health and outside appearance – hormones, acupuncture, diet, and nutritional supplements.

Dr. Jonathan Wright is one of the pioneers of the Bio-identical hormone movement – he started prescribing hormones in the 70’s! He is fond of showing photos of his wife, who is in her 70’s now and still looks 45, because she takes bio-identical hormones. But it isn’t just about taking hormones its about finding that balance in your life. The people who you see that look fabulous, do it all. They take care of themselves, inside and out.

Jill is in her 70’s and has been seeing me weekly for acupuncture for the last year. She comes because it helps her pain, her energy level, and she was going through the death of her husband, so she felt that it was helping her maintain her emotional balance. In the course of her treatments an unexpected thing happened. Her hair started turning dark again. It had been white when she first came in. We certainly weren’t doing acupuncture to change her hair color! There are lots of faster ways to get that done. But it showed that when you get balanced, things begin to shift in more ways than one.

I often do acupuncture facelifts for my patients so that they can refresh their looks. What I love about them is that they don’t just change how you look, they affect your whole body. We put many tiny little needles in places on your face, that are tight or wrinkled looking, as well as in other places on your body. There are 6 meridians that travel through your face, so having acupuncture for your face helps with relaxation, stress management, digestive problems, sleep, and sometimes even back pain. Check out my interview on the Glowing Skin Summit Starting April 27th.

Another way to address your skin health is to balance your hormones is through diet. One of my good friends is a certified nutrition coach, her name is Magdalena Wszelaki, she has started teaching a class about cooking for hormone balance. She’s offering a free workshop – How Food Can Rebalance Hormones on April 11th. I’ve been working with hormones for over 20 years and never thought of some of the things she’s doing so this is an awesome opportunity to learn something new. Check out how food can rebalance your hormones Here.

Over the years I’ve seen many patients who were susceptible to skin cancers. I realized long ago it had only a little to do with sun exposure. It also had to do with internal health. Dave came to me when he was in his 50’s. He had already had malignant melanoma’s removed twice and was going in for a third one. He wanted to know what he could do to prevent it. I put him on Vitamin D, omega fatty acids, and several antioxidants that are specific for the immune system – Quercetin, N. Acetyl Cysteine, and beta-carotene. It’s been over 15 years since he had another skin cancer. He still spends plenty of time outside.






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