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What Do Your Hormones Have To Do With How You Feel?

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Your body is unique in every way.

No one else has a design exactly like yours. We take that into account when we help you to find the best healing treatment for you. Your individualized treatment plan could include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, bio-indentical hormones, functional medicine testing, diet and exercise suggestions, or cranio-sacral therapy. It is all based upon what will work best for you.

  • We Invest in your Health and Wellbeing
  • We care about you
  • Unique blend of Eastern and Western Medicine
  • We Never give up. Sometimes healing isn’t easy; we are committed to helping you get there

Shiroko Sokitch, MD

is the owner and practitioner at Heart to Heart Medical Center.

Board certified in medical acupuncture, she has been practicing a blend of Chinese and Western medicine for almost 30 years, including 10 years as an ER doctor.

In that time she’s helped over 40,000 people heal their lives.

At Heart to Heart Medical Center, Dr. Shiroko provides her patients with the caring, nurturing environment required to recover and maintain their Optimum Health.

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